Due to likely ongoing restrictions due to the Coronavirus we have made some decisions about how we intend to manage the shop this summer. We appreciate that some of these changes are likely to be frustrating but we want to do everything we can to make the shop as safe as possible for customers and staff whilst ensuring that parents and children get the uniform they need for school in the coming months. 

As a result of these changes, delivery times are likely to be longer. We will be doing everything we can to fulfil customer orders as swiftly as possible but we encourage you to shop in advance in order to get everything you need in time for the start of school. 



  • We have decided to reopen from the 1st July on an Appointment Only basis in order to reduce numbers inside the shop. If you wish to book an appointment please email:
  • Appointments will run approximately 15 minutes, during which time our staff will advise you on sizing. Trying on and fitting will, unfortunately, be unavailable throughout the summer. Staff will advise on sizing for you to take home and try on. 
  • In this instance we ask that only one parent attends the child/children and other non-school children remain at home where possible.
  • Priority will be given to new starter students - just beginning either primary or secondary school - however, shorter appointments can still be made possible for existing pupils.

Online Shop - 

  • Please shop online first, where possible. 
  • Many uniform items have links via the Sizing Guide directing you on how best to measure your child for items such as blazers, shirts/blouses, trousers, skirts.
  • If you have special requirements with uniform, e.g. Long / Short length school trousers (particularly embroidered trousers), please order in advance and expect longer delays. 
  • We can offer a click+collect service. Parents can buy uniform online and select the click+collect option. Once a date has been provided for collection, the collector can give their surname and order number at the door and a member of staff will bring your shopping to you - this avoids more people having to come inside the shop.
  • Due to lockdown, we have been unable to add all product images to our website, however, all sizes are listed and these products are still available to order. Images will be added gradually once we are able to open again.


  • Due to the restrictions that we will have to put in place, we are happy to accept a greater number of returns.
  • We ask that clothing remains in the condition of which it was bought, e.g. with labels in tact, un-worn and un-washed, but we will exchange or refund any items in these conditions with no time limit on the return.
  • Due to the closure of the shop, however, we are currently unable to accept returns.As soon as we are able to reopen all returns/exchanges will be dealt with. We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. Please do not hesitate to get in contact regarding sizing so we can try to assist with your purchase. For help/advice regarding returns please call: 07590196197

Shop Early

  • We would encourage parents to shop earlier in the summer to help us be able to cope with internet orders and to ensure that as many people will be able to get instore appointments as possible.
  • As mentioned, if you buy early but the clothing does not fit as summer is drawing to a close, we will exchange any items. 

Fitting and Trying-on

  • There will likely be restrictions around trying on clothing. Our experienced staff will assist where possible with sizing recommendations and we appreciate that trying-on restrictions will make buying uniform difficult but once items have been tried at home we can exchange or refund where necessary. 

Card Only Payment

  • We ask that parents pay via card only. Many shops have adopted this policy, card payment will help to protect both customers and staff by limiting contact. 

These changes are entirely new to us and we will do our best to ensure that the shop remains as safe as we can whilst still enabling parents to buy and return uniform. If there are any further changes we will update you in advance and display the information on our website.