• When first purchased, some garments may have a ring around the logo due to the pressure of the embroidery plate, this will disappear when washed. 
  • Sweat material garments may leave excess fluff on under garments before their first wash, to avoid this wash sweatshirts and sweat cardigans inside out before first wear. 
  • Each garment has different washing instruction, follow these to avoid shrinking and discolouration. You can find them on the inside tag.
  • Using fabric conditioner is not recommended as it can cause garments to bobble. 
  • For the best results, wash and iron garments inside out.
  • Avoid tumble drying however if needed, ensure that your dryer is always set to a low heat, tumble drying on a high head and often will cause shrinking.
  • Whites and colours should be washed separately. 
  • To get rid of small marks on a Blazer, it is recommended to just sponge it off. Restrain from washing a blazer until it is absolutely necessary